Monday, November 14, 2011

Rochester Creek Rock Art - Pictographs

The Rochester Creek Rock Art Site is located overlooking a scenic canyon and contains numerous images awaiting your interpretation.
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Rochester Creek Rock Art is located in Southern Utah near these coordinates.
N 38° 54.186 W 111° 11.880
12S E 482831 N 4306042
The Rochester Creek Rock Art is easy to access via a maintained gravel road. There is a good sized parking area and a short half-mile hike to reach the site. Towns are few and far between. There is ‘primitive’ camping available in the immediate area.
The Rochester Creek Rock Art is thought to be of the Barrier Canyon style. The Barrier Canyon style is generally known for its painted human like figures also found in several locations in the surrounding area. The main panel here is crowded with many pictures of animals including elk, a snake, a spider, and other odd looking creatures. The main standout figure is that of the 'Rainbow' which is around four feet tall and thought to represent the galaxy and constellations.
Native Americans painted and chipped their religious visions, clan symbols, and records of events onto these cliffs. In this region you will find the Barrier Canyon Style - 2000BC; Anasazi - 100BC; Fremont - AD600; and Historic Ute - AD1300-AD1600;
Please respect this and all such Rock Art. Also Please Note that the Antiquities Act of 1906 and the Archaeological Resources Protection Act provides serious penalties for vandals. Please Do Not Touch as even the oils in your skin can cause the paints and rock surfaces to deteriorate.
If you are in the area you might want to visit some other nearby sites that I will list here.

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